Mukesh-Methil Devika's Marriage Is An Arranged

2013-11-08 15:05:27 | nthwall
Devika, a dancer had become more popular after her marriage with hero Mukesh. They had done their marriage occasion secretly in the house of Mukesh and later they registered the marriage in Tripunithara register office. But unexpectedly this news is leaked outside into public.

After reaching the public, the news reporters say that it is not an arranged marriage but a love marriage. They supported their sayings by showing a proof to all that Mukesh and Devika are the members of ‘Sangeeta Nataka Academy’ and at those times these couple are close with each other. Responding to her marriage Devika came out with an answer and replied this was not a love marriage. In her words Devika says “Our’s was not a love marriage, but it was an arranged one by our family members”. She has not taken this love matter as serious in the first and later on she decided about marriage by the approach of her sister and sister’s husband.

And by this incident both the families looked at their individual horoscopes whether they are matching or not and finally decided to pair them. And Devika also says about Mukesh that he is the head and general counselor of ‘Sangeeta Nataka Academy’. In this Academy they never talked or looked at one another says Methil Devika. She says that marriages and everything are decided previously by God and this marriage also comes under that category. Mukesh’s old wife Saritha, an actress says the marriage of Mukesh-Methil Devika is illegal and she was in a plan to proceed legally against their marriage.

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