Twins of Cochin Haneefa in "Geethanjali" with Mohanlal.

2013-07-27 13:24:32
Cochin Haneefa’s children, Safa and Marfa, will make their debut in Malayalam films in “Geethanjali” being directed by Priyadarshan with Mohanlal in the central role. The twins will appear as child artists in roles which have a bearing on the story. Cochin Haneefa’s sudden demise had landed his family in dire financial straits and they did not receive any help or support from Haneefa’s co-workers or actor’s associations.

This offer from Priyadarshan has come at the right time and raises hopes for the family to come out of their travails. Dr.Sunny of “Manichithrathazhu” marks his return through Mohanlal and Innocent, after his recuperation from a bout of cancer, makes his come-back in an important role.


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